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How to Make Money with Autosurfs max

How to Make Money with Autosurfs max

Many people new to autosurfs join a few sites, surf them for a while, and then leave because they don’t know how to actually turn their traffic into money. Manual TEs also have a similar problem, but at least there’s numerous guides and advice available online about monetizing traffic from those (e.g. “use your credits to build a list”). With this in mind, I wrote the following post on the top 5 ways to make money by autosurfing.
Please note that only legitimate automatic traffic exchanges are listed here. So-called “investment autosurfs” are nothing more but ponzi schemes, and should be avoided. In addition, please remember not to use autosurfs with any ad networks like AdSense – build a basic splash page instead.

#5. Sell traffic to others

I haven’t tried this approach myself, but I have heard of autosurfers successfully selling their hits on Fiverr or various webmaster forums. I don’t see this as a problem as long as it’s not against the ToS of the site, and you disclose the source of the traffic to the buyer. Something to consider if you haven’t got anything else to use your autosurf hits on… But, really, you earned them, so why not put them to a good use?

#4. Promote a PTP

While it’s not something I had much success with, some people swear by PTPs (paid-to-promote programs which pay you for sending traffic their way). It seems simple at a first glance – just send your hits to the PTP page to turn them into money. However, from my experience PTP sites don’t last long, their pages are riddled with viruses, and they usually count only a small fraction of the total traffic. It’s certainly something you could try, but not the option I recommend.

#3. Sell your credits back to the site

Some autosurfs, most notably eBesucher and Homepage.Exchange, allow their members to sell credits back to the site, and withdraw the earnings to PayPal. This is an easy, no-brainer way to monetize autosurf traffic. Your earnings from surfing alone are going to be rather small, so try and get some referrals to make more (see the #1 on my list).

#2. Promote your favorite money maker

So simple, yet so overlooked. Just like with manual traffic exchanges, create an attractive splash page (go easy on the images and video) and promote, promote, promote. The CTR might be very low, but the fact that you don’t need to be at your computer to get hits more than makes up for it. Make sure to add an “Open in a New Window” link to your page so people could click it before the timer runs out. Also use a banner exchange which allows autosurf traffic (such as HitLink) and earn banner impressions every time – even if your visitors don’t click anything.
Does this work? Absolutely! I have built downlines numbering in the thousands almost exclusively from autosurfs. It might have taken me a year or two, but it was 100% passive. This works best for free “make money online” opportunities: PTCs, survey sites, reward sites, and so on.

#1. Promote other autosurfs

What’s the number one thing people using autosurfs are looking for? That’s right: free and effortless web traffic. So why not give them what they want and offer a list of your favorite autosurf exchanges for them to join? This is a strategy that has worked the best for me by far, and it ties in with the rest of the entries on the list. Get active referrals on autosurfs, and you will have more credits to sell, to send to PTPs, or to use to promote your own splash pages. Whatever you’re doing with your hits, it’s always a good idea to use some to build your downlines! Not only you will be earning traffic, you’ll also get a chance to get cash commissions from the purchases of your referrals:

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